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Adidas and Injuries

Adidas is a very successful company. Year in and year out they do billions of dollars in sales. They are one of the top brands in sportswear and for years have sponsored some of the top athletes in sports but mainly, NBA players. The NBA is outfitted by the Adidas brand.

So sponsoring some of the top NBA players is a good thing, no?

I guess it probably depends on what athlete you ask.

Derrick Rose comes to mind when I think of Adidas. Rose is one of the faces of the organization, and received a nice 10 year 250 million dollar deal from them. At what cost? Potentially Rose's knees. Derrick Rose is the face of the Chicago Bulls, the youngest NBA player to ever win the MVP award, and one of the most humble, generous people in the league. ACL tears almost seem as if they are a common thing in sports nowadays. Why is that? Could it be because these Adidas shoes that these NBA players are wearing could potentially actually be death traps with laces?

Adidas shoes have been on NBA players since like the 60's. They've been wearing them forever and they weren't getting injured back then, right?

True, I guess, but the game has changed so significantly since then. It's not that they weren't getting injured, but the game we play now, is nothing like the game back then. It's so much more fast paced now, there's more people using cuts, slashing, crossovers. There is much more stress on knees, feet, ankles now, than there was back then and that's a fact.

Derrick Rose isn't the only person who has torn their ACL in the last few years though. There actually have been somewhat of an alarming amount of knee, leg, and ankle injuries in the last few seasons.

Eric Gordon is one of the best young 2 guards in the NBA, at 23 he's someone the Hornets looked at as their franchise player. Gordon also tore his ACL in the first game of last season, coincidentally wearing Adidas shoes. The Hornets reluctantly gave him a max deal, and this season his numbers have been limited because he's having issues recovering from his ACL injury.

How about Kevin Ware? That may have been a freak injury, and if you jump like that, and land like that your leg will snap like a twig. I'm not saying that there wasn't a wet spot on the floor, I'm not saying that wasn't a freak injury, I'm not saying that couldn't happen to anyone of any shoe brand, and I'm not ruling ANYTHING out.

But don't the shoes you wear have an effect on how you jump though? If you have poor traction, and bad cushioning in your shoes, it will have an effect on how you jump. If leave your feet in an awkward way, (most of the time) you won't be able to adjust yourself in the split second that you're in the air, causing you to land in a way you didn't plan on it, thus causing injuries.

Leandro Barbosa, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Danilo Gallinari, all tore their ACL either this season or last season.

ALL of which were wearing Adidas shoes.

Is it still a coincidence that they all happened to tear their ACL's while wearing Adidas shoes?

Okay, then explain Tracy McGrady to me. He was one of the best scorers in the NBA, who in his prime could rival Kobe. T-Mac signed a lifetime contract with Adidas (which means he signed a contract with them until he was done playing in the NBA) What was the main injury that sidelined T-Mac early on in his career? His ankle was giving him a lot of problems as soon as he got to the Magic. Then later in his career he had back problems, then shoulder problems, then in 08' he had ankle problems again, then he had knee problems. T-Mac's injuries went hand in hand with the quality and support of his shoes, and that's a fact I had a pair of T-Mac's and they had little to no ankle support, and they were not fun to hoop in.

How about Mr. Big Shot? Chauncey Billups as of recent has been plagued with Achilles, ankle, and foot problems, but Billups is no stranger to injuries. I mean for as long as I can remember Billups was balling in Adidas, and he's been injured a decent amount of times.

Gilbert Arenas is another person that definitely comes to mind when I think of injuries and Adidas. Before his  boneheaded gun incident, Arenas was one of the best scorers in the NBA. Remember when Arenas has those awful looking 'Adidas Gil Zero's' with no ankle support? His knees remember, Agent Zero tore his meniscus and then he had knee surgery after knee surgery after knee surgery and he wasn't the same after that. Let me note that Gilbert Arenas had one of the biggest contracts in the NBA at the time. Shortly after the gun incident, Adidas dropped Agent Zero, and the rest is history.

Still not enough?

Brook Lopez is a franchise player that has a nagging foot injury, wears Adidas
John Wall is a franchise player that hurt his knee, wears Reebok (which is owned by Adidas)
Josh Smith is a franchise player that has had knee injuries, wears Adidas
...and the list continues

I used to have a pair of Rose 1.0's early in my senior year of high school and quite frankly I thought they were ugly, but D. Rose is my favorite player so I had to have a pair. I can't count the amount of times I rolled my ankles in them. They had NO cushioning, they wear quickly, they have horrible traction, my foot literally slid around the shoe. They are AWFUL. In the words of Kobe Bryant "If you wanna break your foot, wear that shit." Count on Kobe, right?

I wasn't really hip to the fact that they were bad for my feet, ankles, and knees until I bought Crazy 8's. Now, I'm going to go on record and say that I really do like the Crazy 8's. They have a cool design, they have decent support, good cushion, traction's good, but they're heavy and kind of clunky but did a good job of supporting your ankle and foot. Kobe never got injured really while he wore them, they're a good shoe. Other than the Crazy 8 though, most Adidas basketball shoes are made pretty similarly.

This is NOT to say that Nike, Reebok, (which is a subsidiary of Adidas) or any other brand don't cause injuries, no shoe is perfect. Adidas has just plagued the NBA with injuries.

I've played in pretty much every type of shoe, and I can honestly say I'll never play in Adidas shoes ever again. It's not a 'proven fact' that Adidas shoes cause players to get injured, but I can bet you that T-Mac would have had a much longer career if he didn't wear those awful T-Mac's and wasn't signed to Adidas. (let it be known I had a pair, and they looked awesome)

Is it so hard to believe that Adidas basketball shoes aren't the reason for these superstars having devastating injuries? It shouldn't be. I am not a professional, I'm not a doctor, I have no professional research of Adidas shoes ruining careers, I'm simply a person who has seen Adidas cause injuries to superstars. Only way to see whether Adidas shoes are made poorly is either watch more closely to NBA injuries or to go out, by a pair and try them out.

You be the judge.


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